We believe that the more people who see your home, the better our chance of success. We also understand that people begin their home search online. We specialize in marketing your home on the internet.

Selling Your Home:
My Approach

Establishing the Accurate Price of your home

This is the time when choosing a great agent becomes crucial. Finding the highest and best market price for your home takes much more than finding comparable sales around your home. The key is finding the right comparable properties. Ultimately, appraisers will have the final say on value, and we know, better that anyone, know how they work. Overpricing or underpricing a home will lead to bad outcomes for everyone. Since 1980 I have been honing this skill along with “intangible” skills gained through experience. Many factors beyond price must be taken into consideration. Look at one of my Competitive Market Analysis reports.

Multiple Listing Service

All agents submit the essential details of your home to the Multiple Listing Services and the Great Lakes Repository, ensuring maximum exposure to more than 25,000 agents and their clients. How this information is submitted, is the key. We make sure the information provided is ​accurate,​ and the description remarks create a ​vivid​ picture in the clients’ minds.


The quality of your home’s photos may (likely!) determine the outcome of your home’s sale. We use a high-resolution camera to assure the best results. Depending on the home, we may also use a professional photographer and drone aerial photography.


Those first moments that a buyer walks through your front doors are ​critical​. I have sold many homes that other agents have failed to sell, by just taking the time to “stage” the interior and or exterior or the home. Remember; you need to go from ​living​ in your home, to ​selling​ your home. Your home will stand out from all of the others because we also retain the services of a professional an interior designer to consult with you.

Internet Promotion

Within 24-48 hours your home will be seen across hundreds of real estate websites throughout the country. This includes the big sites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. We harness the power of social media and promote your home on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

We feature your home with its own custom website!

Why is this important? We reduce the competition! A custom website allows us to ​exclusively​ promote your home without sending people to a web page that also shows ​competing​ homes. We maximize your home’s exposure on Google by creating a YouTube video and a blog post of your home. This strategy bumps your home onto ​page 1 of Google ​for targeted searches within 48 hours!

Direct Mail Marketing

A customized direct mail campaign markets your property to many more potential buyers. Even in this digital age, a huge number of homes are sold through word of mouth! Depending on the location of your property, a direct mail postcard of your home will be seen by an additional 200-500 neighbors.

Outdoor Promotion

Our lawn sign is one of the most distinctive in the marketplace. The purpose of a real estate sign is to attract buyers and create enough interest to motivate buyers to call. Potential buyers know our reputation, so when they see our sign on your lawn, they know to call, fast!

Showing Appointments

Appointments to show your home are set through our Appointment Center and all agents have their credentials ​verified​ before access to your home is given. No appointments will ​ever​ be set without your approval. We provide lock-box access to agents who can show your home, but only at your direction.

Buyer Feedback

Buyer feedback is sometimes difficult to obtain from the agents who have shown your home. St. Aubin Real Estate automatically sends an email and text to the showing agent within minutes of leaving your home, and, we follow-up 5 times thereafter. Then, we phone agents, as well.

Contract Negotiation

We bring you our most valuable skill; the ​experience​ and ​power​ to negotiate. Homes in ​our​ market often sell for 1% to 2% over the competition, and that is the direct result of our ​price negotiating.​ When offers are presented, ​your best interests​ are our top concerns. Remember, there are many factors beyond  price to consider when weighing competing offers. Buyer qualification, type of loan (cash, new mortgage, FHA, VA etc..), occupancy after closing, closing dates, items staying or not staying in the home… Any one of these factors can determine if your deal will go to closing… or fall apart. But, ​we​ know how to guide you through this, the toughest part of any transaction.

Closing the Transaction

During the vital period between signing your purchase agreement and your closing date, we coordinate all of the details to keep your deal moving forward. Many​ home sales fail because inexperienced agents miss small details in the paperwork, or skip important steps in the process. ​We​ review all your closing documents with you – in advance – to ensure a smooth outcome.

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