Buying Advice

Buying Advice

1. Begin by assessing the timeframe you should be on to buy a home. Keep in mind that from the time you make an offer until it closes is usually between 30 and 45 days. This doesn’t include any “occupancy” the Seller may ask for in order to move out after the closing.

2. Interview several mortgage companies to compare rates and closing costs.

3. After selecting a mortgage company – have your credit report pulled to evaluate your score and determine if you are in a position to buy, or if taking the time to improve your score would qualify you for better financing terms.

4. Get a mortgage pre-approval from you Lender. This will give you and your Real Estate Agent an idea of the price range of homes you can afford.

5. After getting a mortgage pre-approval, get a Buyer’s Representative – this is a Real Estate Agent that will help you find your next home and look out for your best interests.

6. When looking for homes, take the time to drive through the neighborhoods you are interested in at different times of day to get an accurate portrayal of the neighborhood. Also, take the time to call you local police department if you have any specific questions on ‘safety’ or other concerns.

7. Have any home you intend to purchase inspected by a licensed Home Inspector.

8. Shop around for your homeowner’s insurance. You may not get the best rate from the same company you have your car, boat, etc.

9. Carefully examine your closing documents to make sure everything is as you agreed to.

10. Prior to closing (or occupying the home if the seller isn’t giving the keys at closing) be sure to change the utilities into your name to prevent any “shut-offs” of your utilities.

11. ALWAYS – Change your locks on any new home you buy.


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