Sample Ad 8

Automatic leads are far and away one of the most powerful tools I have to determine how your home is doing in the marketplace. It is a very sophisticated call capture system that allows me to know how many people have called on your home from my lawn sign or my advertising seconds after the call is made. All my advertising contains 3 pieces of information on your home

1. The price
2. A large picture of your home.
3. A 1800 phone number.

You can call the 1800 number 24 hours a day 7 days a week and hear a complete verbal description of your home and the ability to connect live to me instantly. At the end of the month I will review with you how many customer called on your home, Since the customer must call the 1800 number to hear the description, I will have an accurate measure of how your home is performing in the market place and make the changes necessary to keep you competitive.

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